Seek the Positives Out of the Negativity

--- Bei Yilong(Enio)

--- Bei Yilong(Enio)

Consumers looking at purchasing properties for their own personal use, either upgrading or downsizing, may have lost confidence in the current property market.

First home buyers placed everything on hold due to tightening in lending, with sellers now holding back, unless they really have to sell.

First it was the Royal Commission into the banks, this lead to tightening in lending and now with the elections, all has been creating uncertainty – uncertainty for those less experienced, yet those that are much wiser and have experienced troughs and peaks in past markets are seeing this as an opportunistic time to buy, and put in place a plan on how to add value to such acquisitions in moving forward all before the circle starts to turn in a way for those holding back to start seeking again..

Investors (mums and dads, those with SMSF, etc.) and or property developers are taking strong advantage of falling prices and are purchasing on their terms.

Quietly unbeknown to many, the market is experiencing strong demand from investors in particular, beginners wanting to secure an opportunity in this market i.e.: property with potential to add value, not just from capital growth but by also by reducing their taxes (stamp duties), pay once and end up with two or more properties and in developing, creating strong returns upon completion.

There are many that don’t understand the market and are followers and when one is placed in a corner then they all find themselves in the same positions. It’s those that understand or have an experienced team of mentors around them that see through it all and take on opportunities (as history shows us with bricks and mortar) – one must always take the positives out of the negatives, that’s where one will strive and move forward. An example; stand back one morning and watch the flow of pedestrians coming out of a busy train station, many que up behind one another waiting for the light to change, yet a very small percentage will see an opening to the side. When that light changes, they are leading the way whilst others are still not moving due to the stack of numbers. It is that handful of people that won’t be competing as they have their own agenda and think forward all the time, yet the majority will always compete as they will always be followers competing with one another. 

How long in any cycle will a trough last until it peaks again? – no one knows, but many seem to have the answers placing uncertainty and creating negative in everyday consumers, so seek out the positive in the current market, call us at PSCA today and build that team around you – what are you waiting for?

‘The correction is nearing its end’: Property prices will soon be at rock-bottom, says HSBC

Opportunities can start from as little as putting down $98,000 cash or equity providing one with the gateway in 24 months approx. to have a property generating up to 50% returns in an area projected to add a further 7% to 10% p.a. capital growth – no experience required!


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