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Our experts will get in touch with you to understand your circumstances, goals and
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Our experts undertake a comprehensive site assessment
on your property to determine its subdivision potential.


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To ensure everything runs smoothly, we handle the entire process for you including plans, permits, sourcing builders and
the complex paperwork.


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Our designs are efficiently put together to ensure maximum return are achieved.

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What we do for you.

How it works

The Property Subdivision project management service allows you to develop the property and capture wholesale profit margins, even if you have no experience with property development or no time to manage a project yourself. We specialise in project managing dual-occupancy developments, because of the modest cost structure, low-risk profile and good potential returns.


So Why Doesn't Everyone Develop Property?

1. They don't know about it. The vast majority of investors follow the "buy and hold" strategy and not aware that property development is another successful investment option.
2. Lack of skills or experience - they don't know what type of property to buy, how to obtain DA or how to manage the construction process.
3. Lack of time - locate a suitable property, negotiate the purchase, deal with local councils and oversee architects, surveyors and builders.
Our experienced development team takes care of all the details associated with developing the property, freeing you up to focus on the "bigger picture".


Our Guarantee

With over 400 approvals nationally, our experienced team provide you with certainty of obtaining a planning approval. PSCA Property Subdivision provides a unique proposition, where all permits are 100% Money Back guaranteed and come with the peace of mind of a fixed fee.


We’ve delivered success on over 400+ projects in Australia

Excellent partnership

Through a very successful JV experience with PSCA back in early 2014, our friends and us have since then gained great returns via a number of opportunities through their own developments. Many people dream of getting rich overnight, we'd...

- Mr. & Mrs. Lim 2018

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- Mrs. Zhao 2018