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about our firm

PSCA excites for those who expect more

PS Corporation Australia (PSCA) was founded in 2008 in Melbourne. PSCA has grown over the past 11 years from a small family run business which specialised in backyard subdivision; to the multi-faceted corporation it is today.

PSCA now offers a complete holistic approach of tailored products and services to suit all investor types whom wish to develop property. This unique value proposition covers planning, permits, architectural design and construction of projects. However, the old adage and mentality of not forgetting where you came from and a strong sense of family values is still ingrained in the company.

To this extent, we understand how important dealing with your home or an investment property is to you or your family’s financial freedom, and therefore our client best interest is a non-negotiable priority to us.

About our firm

Our Core Value

Our Aim is to set the standard

The cornerstones of our company are our core values – they include:

Our Professionalism

We strive to be experts and industry leaders and our conduct will not bring ourselves or the industry disrepute.

Our Accountability

We are committed and responsible to the delivery of our services with due skill, care and diligence.

Our Integrity

Our business is built around the highest standards of honesty, respect, commitment, truth and loyalty.