Pre-Subdivision Purchase Assessment

Planning assessment

Property Subdivision Pre-Purchase Assessment

We found that many people require some level of confidence prior to purchasing a property or attending an auction to purchase. 

We understand that before you make a decision regarding a prospective property purchase for the purpose of development, it is prudent to have a professional conduct a site analysis for property subdivision.

The questions that we are often asked:

  • “What do you think we can do with this site?”’
  • “Is it possible to subdivide and develop?”
  • “What are the restrictions on the title?”
  • “Where are the underground services?”

PSCA can provide you with a subdivision and development pre-purchase check before you buy the property so that you know exactly where you stand.

Our Service

Our comprehensive assessment will cover the following important information:

  • Verification of existing site conditions;
  • Title search and assessment;
  • Any restrictions relating to covenants on the land;
  • Investigation and assessment of the planning zone;
  • Assessment of overlays and relevant res-code;
  • Assessment of the suitability for subdivision;
  • Assessment to determine the type of dwelling best suited for the site;
  • Assessment to determine the size of the proposed dwelling in m2, including the number of bedrooms and car spaces achievable for each dwelling
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