Is my Property Subdividable?

--- PSCA

--- PSCA

Just because you have a large site with a large area of land, doesn’t always mean you can subdivide your property. There are many factors that must be considered before determining whether your land can be subdivided.

A good starting point is to consult Council. Council will be able to advise you of what zone you are in and whether it there are any impacting overlays. Council will also indicate minimum lot sizes which are specific to the subject site. This will give you a rough idea of the site potential.

You will then have to assess your site constraints which would be a wide range of factors including trees both on-site and off-site, being Council and neighbours trees, authority pits, easements and electrical poles.

You would also need to review the title on the property to determine any covenants which could restrict you from developing. The key covenant to keep an eye out for is a single storey covenants, which would restrict you from developing on the site.