Interior Joinery Design

--- Ivana Sestan

--- Ivana Sestan

Importance of interior documentation, or interior joinery detailing is just as important as the home drawings. If you have skipped this stage of the design process, you may not be as satisfied with the end product, as a client who has.

Clients often worry about all the smaller details after they obtain the occupancy permit, however this should be done in sequence with the design process. After all the hard work and quite often, a lengthy process, last thing you would want as a client is to be left disappointed with the interior space. If that time and effort isn’t spent at this stage, the quality of the design aspect simply will not be evident.

Fitting out a house with pre-fabricated kitchens and joinery units will never have the same effect as custom designed and detailed joinery homes. We would highly recommend to consider your interior spaces, particularly in smaller apartment spaces, as the little space you have is vital for smart design and not to be overloaded space that will not function as well.

If it is a project worthwhile spending that bit extra, then definitely make your interior ‘superior’.