How Much Land Do you Need for a Subdivision?

--- Harris Kwong

--- Harris Kwong

Generally Speaking, land area required for subdivision (and associated development) is subjective to a number of factors; which can be broken down as follows;

  • Restrictions on title
  • Planning controls (such as zone and overlays)
  • Local planning policies (e.g. neighbourhood character)
  • Shape, orientation, the slope of the land, and other existing site features.
  • Existing development on surrounding properties.

Planning controls vary greatly and can differ even on the same street. It is important to seek professional advice about planning controls and policies that affect the property.

Furthermore, it is also crucial to take site-specific conditions into perspective. Each site may vary greatly and include a series of different features to take into account before submitting documents for consideration.

It is also important to take surrounding properties into account when making design decisions for submission. It is a requirement that developments within new subdivisions respond to the neighbourhood context in their layout and design.

There are a lot of factors to consider before verifying how much land specifically is required for a subdivision, but as a starting point, a 20m deep by 15m wide, relatively flat and unencumbered back yard will usually be enough to allow for a modest dwelling, providing it is a standard residential allotment. The backyard would also need to be able to be accessed via a minimum 3m wide driveway, therefore sufficient clearance is required for this also.

Subdivision and development of land can be quite complex, however PSCA’s team of professionals will provide assistance in determining the best design solution for you.