Energy Efficiency

--- PSCA

--- PSCA

Energy efficient designs are not only there to help our environment but also to benefit our population.
An energy rating applies to the thermal performance of a house and will include in the design either a rainwater tank connected to the cisterns within the house or a solar hot water panel.

Within Australia all New homes, extensions, renovations and alterations that require a building permit, will require an energy report of a minimum 6 star rating. This rating needs to comply with the standards as per the national construction code. PART 3.12

Our trained practitioners here at PSCA will design to best suit the orientation on the proposed block site and use materials within the roofs, walls, floors, windows and eaves/external shading devices to best achieve this 6 star rating. We will liaise with the energy rating consultant to confirm all requirements. This does not need to be an expensive exercise and the development will benefit overall from reduced energy bills as well as provide a comfortable environment for the occupants.

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