Dual Occupancy

--- Alfred Cardamone

--- Alfred Cardamone

A dual occupancy can be separated into two categories.

  • Two side by side
  • One at the rear of another.

Many property developers are taking the opportunity of not only saving costs by choosing to design side by side however they recognise the increased value of street frontage homes.

The construction timeframe from obtaining a build permit does depend on whether the designs are double story or single story however below is a guide.

Build permit documentation duration approx. 8 weeks which includes getting drawings and obtaining a build permit.

A good guide to construction of single stories would be approx. 5 -6 months for completion and approx. 8 – 9 months for double stories.

The final stage which is subdivision can take between 4-8 weeks which includes titles office registration.

These are just a guide and timelines can increase due to many factors.