Design and Sustainability

--- Pam Drakopoulos

--- Pam Drakopoulos

During the preliminary design stage of a project, the designers investigation can be complex if the site presents itself with many constraints.

We are primarily required to respond to the client’s design brief as well as carry out a site analysis to assist us with the building layout /orientation /access and aesthetics. These are some of the challenges we have and we search for inspiration in every project.

As Designers of the built environment, we also have a duty of care and responsibility to comply with building and authority requirements.

We are flooded everyday with information from suppliers on sustainable design, building products and their superior environmental benefits. There are a number of products from bricks, timber claddings and concrete products to timber shutters to name a few. For example, we are always searching for the product that provides the highest level of thermal insulation or an external shading device that is 100% renewable and is sourced sustainably – suited to the project and responsive the site analysis and design brief.

Not only should the building achieve a six star energy as a minimum, but there may be an opportunity down the track during building documentation to propose for example sustainable timber ply cladding as a feature in the home or, low odour (VOC) paints and carpets.

The Moreland Greenlist of materials is an interesting read and we always keep learning to improve.