Checking Easement for your Development

Most people who are developing or building on land understand the actual lines on a survey: the fences, boundaries, building structures and crossovers, etc. However, the lines on the plant that you can’t see by looking at the property have just as much impact on your project. These ‘invisible lines’ are made up of the easements and setbacks that the governing municipality or authorities have in place that affect where and what can be built on the property. These easements are set for public assets serving properties around the area.

Most common assets affect building developments are sewerage and drainage assets. The location, size and type of assets can materially affect the building envelope and make a large proportion of the land not-developable. Also, as these assets are managed by different council and authorities across Victoria, there is no one general rule can apply to all situations. For example, some water authorities can accept carport/garage to be built over sewer pipes but some are simply prohibiting any structures to be built over.

When council is assessing planning permit applications, not all build over easement requirements will be checked. At building stage, the relevant building surveyor and authorities will raise these Building Over Easement Issues. It is quilt,the developers have to spend a lot of time and effort to go back to council to revise their original proposals.

Most experienced property investors know to search on Dial before You Dig before planning their new development. However, Just as importantly, call a professional consultant like PSCA – 1300 767 893 when you are beginning your land acquisition process to determine where the easements and assets are located. Then we can determine how much land there is and if there are any significant restrictions.