Benefits from a Backyard Subdivision Project

--- PSCA

--- PSCA

PSCA helps all clients to achieve their development goals especially for landowners who are looking for adding value to their property by obtaining subdivision and town planning permits.
What can you obtain from developing your backyard?

Backyard subdivision adds value to the original property. You won’t be solely relying on the market alone but creating your own growth. If your property is located in an area with potential growth, no matter what the market does for you, there will still be capital growth then you are enhancing that.

You are effectively purchasing properties at wholesale or discounted price – through adding one or more dwelling(s) to the existing property or demolishing the existing house and rebuilding more than one. In addition, you have just bought one but you end up with two or more properties with the one set of acquisition fees. You are creating quicker equity in what you have got.

The newly constructed properties have the best, highest depreciation schedule, lowest maintenance costs/issues, and more likely to provide a good rental return.

The existing house (if kept) can be updated and refreshed, creating a more attractive depreciation schedule for that property, and the renovated neutral decoration can attract a better class of tenant then yield a better rental return.

PSCA have assisted many clients in achieving over 300 permits over the last 8 years in Victoria. Do you wish to do a small project on your own property? Please contact us now on 1300 767 893.