Becoming an Expert – You Need to Know your Stuff

--- Ross Voci

There are three ingredients in the good life – learning, earning and yearning. As a developer, you will have to be able to face the day to day problems with a solution-orientated mindset.

The lifestyle of the developer is different from that of many other occupations. I’m constantly looking for the next property deal. This searching allows for trips to different places all around Australia. This is an adventure and a great way of seeing the world while working, though I prefer to call what I do a hobby – albeit a high-pressure one at times. But while it offers a unique lifestyle and the potential for great profit, there are times when the developer’s lifestyle can be quite stressful.

In order to become a successful property developer, it is imperative to know the tools of your trade; learning should be never-ending. The amount of knowledge one possesses determines whether you will make or lose money. The best way to learn is from other developers, making their experiences yours. Reading relevant books and attending seminars are other ways to gain the knowledge you will need to become successful in this field.